Recognition Vs Acknowledgement

When he saw Jesus from a distance, he ran and fell on his knees in front of him. He shouted at the top of his voice, What do you want with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? In God’s name don’t torture me!”                 Mark 5:6-7.

My college career, has been nothing short of a MIRACLE!!!!! I can’t speak for most, but I can speak for myself and it seemed as if, Satan opened the gate and let the hell hounds loose on the day I moved into my dorm. One unforgettable moment during homecoming 2012. I was 21, tipsy and ready to go to bed, with hopes of hearing about a kickback elsewhere that’d give me an excuse to be out the remainder of the night. I had managed to make it to campus from downtown Winston-Salem and began to make my trip up the steps from the parking lot to the entrance of my dorm, when a guy approached me. We began to talk and go through the normal formalities of college students: name, major, hometown, Greek affliction etc. He claimed to be interested in dating me, I respectfully dismissed him and his advances when he stated his “concern” for my welfare in getting to my room; and so he started to follow me. I told him I was fine and I’d be okay and When I had gotten close to my room he walked around the corner. I believed he was gone on about his way and so I went into my room. Little did I know that my suite-mate went behind me and unlocked the door to make life convenient for her boyfriend; all the while the guy had saw  which room I went in and that the door was unlocked. All of a sudden the guy from outside had come into my room, locked the door behind him and had gotten completely undressed! I began to talk him down, trying to get him to see that this wasn’t going to happen and that before the police was called, he’d need to chill out and leave ASAP! God began speaking to me, to be calm and just treat him almost like a friend (insanity!). Being that everything, happened so fast, it seemed surreal and due to the amount of alcohol left in my system, I began laughing. Ironically, he began to relax and he put me down; I sat on the bed and handed him his shirt, to start him off, all while giggling, to put his clothes on and leave. I even said “Dude what wrong with you? You can’t do that? you crazy bruh, you crazy! Now go head and get out man.” he put his clothes on, gives me a pitiful, lost puppy look as I opened the door for him to leave and he walks out. How in the world can this relate to this scripture?? I’ll tell you.

This scripture is from a story involving a man who was possessed by a legion of demons, and was exiled to live in the graveyard. The townspeople of Gerasenes had tried to restrain him with chains, in which he’d broken and always managed to escape. Jesus had just sailed across and once he stepped out of the boat, the man saw him from a distance and ran to him, fell on his knees and shouted “what do you want with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God.” (Mark 5:7) This man recognized Jesus, not because he had seen Jesus before, the demons in him recognized Jesus. Within the process of recognition, there has to have been an previous encounter; you can’t recognize something you’ve never seen before. The thing I love about this part of the story, is that the recognition happened once he saw Jesus, it was an inaudible confirmation. Jesus didn’t say a thing at this point, his presence attracted the enemy. The acknowledgement came into play when he fell to his knees into a position of submission and carried out into his questioning of Jesus’ presence, “What do you want with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? In God’s name don’t torture me!” (Mark 5:7) I absolutely love the definition of acknowledge, which is defined as ” to recognize the rights, authority or status of.” ( 2/4/16) within his demonic state, the man couldn’t help but to recognize Jesus due to the previous experiences of what was operating within him and thus had to acknowledge Christ for who he was, without Jesus saying a word; but when Jesus did speak he rebuked the demons into a heard of pigs and the man was delivered.

Within the ridiculous-ness of my story, “Mr. Williamson” assumed he had recognized this situation, a tipsy girl walking alone, simply because of previous experiences and that’s what drew him to approach me; not knowing that deliverance for the both of us would happen, within his approach.  He was possessed with a strong lustful spirit and It wasn’t until he was in my room and God began to speak to me and through me, that he acknowledged the presence of God by submitting to his will, putting me down, putting his clothes on and leaving me the same way he found me, unharmed, physically, emotionally and sexually.  My calm and “unbothered” demeanor (just like Jesus when the man had approached him) was totally unexpected and it put him in a different space. I can’t say what would’ve happened, yet I can imagine him becoming alarmed once I started fighting and easily punching me out and raping me. An unexpected response due to the peace God poured into the room, delivered him from the spirit of lust and delivered me from the snare Satan had set. All glory to God for his covering.

SN: the guy lied about everything except the fact that he was student, his name, major, residence etc.. he showed up at a party in 2013, I couldn’t remember what he looked like, but, he tried to dance with me and asked if I remembered him.. I said no..and he says “I was one who came in your room!!! I’d like to formally ask you out on a date this time, I’m so sorry for doing that, I don’t know what was going through my mind, but I’ve always seen you around campus and I’d love for you to go out with me.” My response: %$ $#@!!!!!! – thank God for deliverance! lol

(picture  2/4/16)Knowing-Jesus-Quote


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