you’re not a convict, you’re a covenant.

Jesus answered, it was not that this man sinned, or his parents, but that the works of God might be displayed in him. We must work the works of him who sent me while it is day; night is coming, when no one can work.”

John 9:3-4 ESV

Throughout this twisted journey called life, we all go through things that we’d rather not deal with. I mean really, between the daily random struggles each day brings, we must encounter the loss of things we love, gaining things we’d much rather live without,  sickness and family issues and curses. As humans we have this incredible ability to try to analyze the origin of our inflictions, whether it’s the lack of discipline and a strange addiction to procrastination, or self bashing for making regretful decisions. On the other hand, the other half of the human population are too busy blaming others for their misfortune in order to avoid the guilt of responsibility.

This is a very familiar story in the Bible, in which Jesus brings sight to a blind man by spitting in the dirt, creating mud and anointing his eyes and commanding him to wash. This story has given hope to many that have thrown away the possibility of deliverance from their form of “blindness”. It is indeed a miracle, but what most people seem to skip over is where this man began. The disciples however, were all too curious about the origin of his disability, asking Jesus whether the man or his parents’ sin is responsible for his blindness; assuming that his blindness was a punishment.

Jesus provided clarity not only to the disciples, but to the man as well, that he was placed in this position so that God could use him for an exemplary miracle and testament to the power of God. In order to get the full effect, think about the life of this man up until this point. in the earlier verses, it states that this man had been blind from birth. So from infant to man he has lived in this particular manner his entire life, his parents, neighbors, friends, relatives all had witnessed him being blind for until after he had met Jesus. Sometimes God places us in what we’d deem as unfortunate circumstances for an extended period of time. We believe he has either forgotten about us or ignored our endless prayers for better when in fact what he is doing is setting the stage. The greatest testimonies ( most effective) are those in which people who are closest to you, get to know you and your situation so closely, that when a miracle happens you and they know that ALL credit goes to GOD! The beautiful thing about this story, in my opinion, is that God had ALWAYS intended for this man to see, although he was born blind! His plan wasn’t to allow deficiency for the sake of punishment, it was always intended for him to receive his sight at the perfect time so that those who knew him, can attest that this new thing that you’re walking in was God given.

The power of testimony is contagious! just imagine how quickly the word got out about this man being able to see! imagine how quickly gossip flies around your neighborhood, about Mr. Jones’ affair and how ray ray got shot; news lights up the streets with phone calls and social media posts. Imagine that kind of quickness back then, but only by word of mouth.  So just to encourage you in your hardships, you’re not a convict, being punished for a sin you’ve committed (not you do have to reap what you sow but that’s for another time lol) if your affliction could atone for your own sin, then we wouldn’t need Jesus. You’re a launching pad, you’re a promise, you’re a covenant manifested for the will of God not only for your life, but for those around you! that is why we must work while it is day. The blind man ran off and told his testimony about what Jesus had done for him, that’s the work Jesus bids us to do, to bring in the lost and attest to the favor and goodness of God through the power of testimony.

REMEBER! you can’t be lifted if you’re already on the highest level. You can’t be healed unless you’re sick.  you may begin at the bottom, but now you can only going forward and up. Sarah had been barren before she had any children and even conceiving Isaac took 98 yrs. Lazarus had been dead for days before Jesus went to resurrect him. there’s purpose in his timing; God is using what seems to be an expiration date and uses it as the date miracle begin.

Scriptures on the power of testimony: Mark 15:19, psalm 22:22, philippians 1:12, 2 Timothy 1:8, Revelation 12:11

Be encouraged, Be blessed!


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