Why you haven’t found the answer to your prayers

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Mark 11:24, NLT

Soo…it’s been a while guys, about a month and some change. These past 2 months have been challenging, not so much in a unbearable way, more so in challenging myself to step up, challenging my methods and even down to challenging what I say I want. I’d like to believe that I know what I want out of life, but if you asked me in detail, a long pause composed of questions and previously avoided questions would arise as you waited for an answer.

Truth is, most of us either don’t know what we want, or are ashamed to admit the truth of what we want. So when we begin to pray, we pray for things we believe that’ll bring us closer to what we don’t know that we want, but we want. Confusing…exactly! We want the result of a thing and not the process. We want the result of a great body without the discipline of the diet and exercise, the cute twist out without doing the twisting! It’s time we recognize that asking for the product is essentially asking for the procedure.

We’ve heard this kind of talk before and although it’s a great preaching point, what does this translate to? Well for me in this season, I’ve realized that I avoid decision making when it comes to starting my business and other major moves I’ve been considering. WHY? simply because I don’t want the responsibility of the failure and cleanup.

I’ve spent years asking and praying to God for an increase in creativity, wisdom, discernment and in my gifting. He has given me all those things in respect to His wisdom of my capability, but what’s the point of even asking for it, if I’m always hesitant on using them? So sis, bro, before you go to God again and ask Him for something you already have, ask yourself, what will you actually do with it? What we feel needs an boost or increase in our lives are really full buckets just sitting in our minds and hearts taking up space. It’s amazing what we feel isn’t there because it’s put away from lack of usage. The reason you haven’t found the answer to your prayers, is because you didn’t look inside of you and counted it as God given ability.

Let’s pour out what He’s given before we conclude that we’re empty and watch Him fill you up with even more. You’ve got this, because He has you!

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