Things to Know About Finding Your Purpose

Cousins! Hope ya’ll have had a blessed day! I decided to go in another direction with this one. I used to get so many questions on purpose. What’s my purpose? How do I find it? Will I find it? Now listen, I’m not a professional, but I can definitely say I’ve been here before; I completely understand. So, in this entry, I’m throwing out some things I’ve learned along the way within my own life. There’s a sense of urgency in this generation to know what their purpose is and there’s no direct scripture that teaches us a step-by-step process as to how to find it, but the Bible does give general descriptions of our purpose as His people.

Simply put, we are His…

In order to know what you are, it’s important to understand who you are. We as Christians know that we belong to Jesus, but many of us aren’t as sure about our identity in Christ, and that’s okay, because we’re all still discovering our full identity in Christ, so breathe…no pressure here. Ephesians 2:10 says “For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago,” NLT. We were made by Him, for Him (1 Col. 1:16) So we know the first part, you were made to do “good things” that He planned for us to do. You might have heard this next scripture a thousand times in church or seen it on front-facing license plates. It’s Jeremiah 29:11 NLT, “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Have in mind that even if you feel that you have no earthly idea what your purpose is, that God does and if you decide to trust him and love Him, your destination and purpose will be fulfilled. Here are a few more scriptures on God’s promises to bring us into our destiny: Proverbs 16:4, Psalm 33:11, Romans 8:28, Isaiah 46:10, Proverbs 19:21.

We’re meant to bring Him Glory

We know that we’re His and made to glorify and honor Him with our lives. How do we do that? In short, God has given all of us gifts, talents, and callings. These things not only help us to make a living, but it also gives us a clue to what we’re supposed to be doing. Anything we do can be done in excellence to the glory of God. It doesn’t matter what it is, from janitorial work to journalism, to being the CEO of fortune 500 company, as long as you honor and lives the principles of Christ, whatever you do can and will bless someone else by showing them, Christ. Many people assume that you need to be clergy in order to serve God fully, which is a lie. No matter what your LEGAL job is, you can be God’s representative. Also, I’d like to also state here, that you don’t have to be perfect, completely out of sin, completely over your addiction and/or issues. As long as you’re willing to come to Christ and work on it, you don’t have to try and clean yourself up in order to be used by God. If God can use a donkey to provide direction to His own prophet, Balaam (read Numbers 22:21-41, NLT version is my personal favorite.) Then he can use ANYBODY, in any condition.

Your purpose is connected to your passion.
Finding your purpose, vocation, whatever you want to call it, has something that calls to it. I know, sounds, overly spiritual…but it’s true. There’s something that lights up inside of you, when you see it, hear it, feel it. It sparks something in your heart, and your pupils grow twice as large when you get the chance to do it. Most people say that if you’ll do it for free or your go-to in your spare time, that’s your purpose, to do something in that field. I have found this to be true. In my own life, I’ve always been a Jesus freak, in my own way. I loved Sunday school, vacation Bible school and all things Jesus and child-centered.
I started ministering to people in the first or second grade when my bestie Amanda talked about being afraid when he parents got into an argument the night before and I told her the Jesus saw it and he was there with her and the sheer confusion of a strange guy being in her house that makes everything better was unheard of! Looking back, I never tied that moment with the more recent moments of ministering and encouraging people. Even when I was out sinning and doing my dirt, I’d still have a ministry in me and would stop and take time from indulging in my sin of choice to minister to someone. I really didn’t think it’d be my ultimate calling, let alone teaching kids about Christianity.
Yet now, I literally jump at the chance when a kid or another young adult comes to me with questions about anything remotely related to Christianity. You have something that excites you, that makes you smile and charges you up just to do it! Whatever that is, you should write it down, make a list of things if it’s more than one. Also, write down your talents and skills, sometimes seeing them on paper can help connect these aspects of you that you never realize before.

Frustration can lead you there too.

Your purpose can be tied to things that frustrate or annoy you. Sounds off right? Especially from what others have been saying, including these first few paragraphs, but it’s true. The many annoyances and misuses of this world can annoy you into an advocate. For example, one of my annoyances is when parents aren’t adequately preparing their children for life and adulthood in responsible ways. This not only includes neglect and abuse physically but emotionally. Having the child take on adult responsibilities because the parent is inept and unaware. Not teaching preparing the child for adulthood and only focusing on having a pretty baby and dressing them up, it annoys the daylights out of me. So, when I do teach Bible study to my teens, I also make room for them to play games and allow them to be kids, as well as ensuring I teach character development and a few life skills that at least get them thinking about life after high school.
When something frustrates you, it’s a sign that you’re passionate about the mishandling of something or someone and you want to see it corrected. Who’s to say it isn’t you? Below I have a shortlist of questions and ideas that can help point you in the direction of your purpose, yea, I know, you’ve seen these before and they’re very simplistic in nature and you’re over it, maybe. But really give it a shot this time, believe what you write down about yourself and don’t lie about the things you truly love and hate so that you feel better about your truth. Let’s do it this time

Here are some self -reflective questions to ask yourself:
What would I do with my life if I had no boundaries?
What would I do if I had no fear?
What can I contribute to the world to make Jesus known even more?
What ideas have I had lately?
What are the common themes in the things I like to do? / hate to see?
What’s within my power to make a positive change in this world?
What has been consistent throughout my life?
What makes sense to me, but not to everyone else?
What is the thing that influences me to research info on it?

Other ideas to help you:
Write down your ideas, people who motivate you and those who’re role models.
Get in God’s face, yep, pray. Don’t pray that same stale prayer as usual. Pray a new prayer, be sincere, it doesn’t need to be a production. Just tell Him,” Hey, I’m not sure what to ask for while praying for this, I need your help with this prayer and for direction in my purpose.” Just be open.
Write down a few motivational quotes and scriptures, seeing affirming words every day can set the tone for your mindset.
Meditate, on God, not on the universe, this is a Christian journey we’re on here. The universe can’t tell you anything, its creator can though.
Think about your patterns in your life, think with soberness, consult with God and go after it.


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