Where was God during my trauma?! pt. 2

At this point, both she and I looking at each other with a little bit of shock and trying to figure out where this conversation should now go. She starts by asking, “are you serious?!” Yes, I am, I responded. I told her that I sympathize with her since I know what being victimized feels like but she has a right to feel the way she does. I did offer to her, that talking with a counselor is always a great option to resolve our issues so that it won’t show up in other ways. As far as her attending church, I told her not to rush going back, plus she can always find another church to attend where she will be respected and valued. She asked for suggestions, I gave her a few from first hand experience. I encouraged her to work towards going back to church in her own time, yet not allowing fear to distort her complete view of every church and pastor.

It’s difficult being victimized or experiencing a difficult time in our lives and in that moment wishing someone would walk in or God would show up and save us. When that doesn’t happen, does that mean God is no longer God? Where was He and Why didn’t he step in?

God’s word will never return to Him void- Numbers 23:19

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not throwing scriptures at your pain or anyone else’s. God gave all of humanity free will, to chose how we handle the things we can’t control. He even gave us the freedom to choose to worship Him or not. Unfortunately, we all don’t make decisions that are considerate of each other’s lives, let alone feelings and the enemy has a field day with people dedicated to causing damage. The point I’m making here is that God has given us free will, despite how we use it, we still have it and for God to take that away in order to save us from each other at every moment, would cause Him to work against Himself, which won’t happen. This doesn’t validate anyone’s decision to harm others, it’s something God established and if He establishes something, it’ll stand whether we pervert it or honor it. See Joshua 24:15 as another reference.

In Mark 9:14-29, there’s the story of the demon possessed boy, who’s father brought him to the disciples for healing while Jesus, Peter, James and John were up on a mountain, experiencing Jesus’s transfiguration. In short, when they came down from the mountain to rejoin the other 9, they found them arguing with the scribes. The disciples couldn’t rebuke the demon in the boy and the scribes decided to question them on their decision to following Jesus.. I know, why is this important?

As I figured it, those who are still wrestling and being subdued by their demons, unresolved hurt and trauma are represented by the boy. Something happened, not by any fault of the boy, nor of any victim but he and others out there are now fighting for normalcy in a situation that literally ripped that away. While the disciples are church folk. These people are familiar with what it looks like to aid and be of service, however, they don’t understand that faith is what’s needed in order for healing to come, hence verse 19 of the same chapter. The crazy part about this is that there are more saints who aren’t prepared to help with matters than those that are. Meanwhile, the scribes are those who try to nullify Christ’s role in healing and validating the ways of the quick fixes of the world ( addiction and avoidance measures). Both sides are too busy arguing against the other, to realize they both are equally ineffective.

So, Where is God during our trauma, He’s been there, in arm’s length trying to get through the crowd of those who’ve been around him enough to claim Him, but not His character nor His discernment and those who are too busy using us to disprove Him. Both groups have the free will to focus on what’s important, helping people heal and yet they’re too focused on proving their positions. God works through people and while people can be huge screwups, they are also learning how to handle trauma within themselves and others. This isn’t to run you away from church folk, it’s to encourage you to in your healing, encourage your faith in people and encourage your faith in Christ. Let God heal you, your faith in Him and your trust in people.


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