My singleness session

This past week has been interesting in its own special way. No, there wasn’t any huge surprises, no I didn’t get a man, or a raise which both seem to be far in reach. (Insert side eye) what I did gain from the last few days was the enjoyment of …me, let’s get into it.

I had been wondering, since the last post what the next one should be and God dropped it off yesterday during my adventure. Lately, I’ve been wanting to find something new in life outside of my routine, which is basically, going to work, preparing to go to work and sleeping, while trying to find interesting, post worthy and attention-grabbing things to write about. I decided to find murals and street art around Greensboro and take some pictures. So, I found an interactive street art map, grabbed a pair of heels, a shirt, a white duster and my phone tripod and went for it. I’ve been wanting to do this for a couple of weeks but I didn’t want to go alone, because I was afraid of what people would think. “Why is she out there alone?” “She looks weird!” “Who is she? Who does she think she is?” Even during the drive to the first mural, all of these assumptions of what other would conclude about me. The crazy thing is, the excitement of doing this overshadowed the desire for comfort from another person coming along.

After the first stop, near two busy intersections, I found a goldmine of murals hiding in seclusion and quietness behind a shopping center and thanks to COVID, they were all mine! The first mural I saw here, yelled my name! it read “The future is bright, 2020” That set the tone for the rest of my street art, photoshoot adventure.

Why did I tell you all of this? Just to share somethings I learned yesterday.

  1. Appreciate your singleness.

We always limit singleness to romance or lack thereof. Singleness is more than being free to date and not having a valentine. True singleness allows you to appreciate you, your style, perks and preferences. After getting comfortable in my own skin in the midst of the public, I began to have fun! I had fun setting up my camera, I laughed at myself when I tripped and my own mental commentary of the trip lol! I genuinely enjoyed finding angles and directing myself to hopefully produce a good shot. I didn’t have to depend on the presence, feedback, help, or the comfort of company that another person brings. I already knew I’m well equipped to do anything God called me to, but yesterday fastened this to my heart. You are enough! If you can’t enjoy you, why would anyone else?

  • Love yourself beyond your flaws

Throughout the day, I had my fun, had my laughs but also, I had to face my insecurities. When looking at freshly taken pictures, my eyes literally searched for issues, which for me involves my weight. I’ve always been a plus sized beauty; however, I could live without the tummy action. In each pic, I looked at my chin and belly and actually instead of being disappointed by failed diets and inconsistent workout regimens, I decided to be grateful for what and who I am, every fat cell included lol! Now I want to be healthier and I have the power to change that ultimately, but instead of being disappointed I decided to be joyous, that God loves me enough to allow me to live and enjoy the day He made in the body I manage. The crazy thing is, that I couldn’t even focus on my belly fat and chin at all. The joy clearly expressed on my face was enlightening and beautiful to see and obviously, the world and all its glory had nothing to do with it. I’ve learned to love myself past my own shallow issues to appreciate who I am.

  • Go for it!

Lastly, whatever is on your heart to accomplish, even something as random as a photoshoot behind buildings of a city you’ve lived in, but haven’t explored, do it! Never classify your ideas as stupid, crazy of dumb, you never know what may come out if it. You may find a passion in your randomness! It could start a business venture, a vlog or a movement. You are a movement by yourself, in the words of Ne-yo, shake the ground with your influence. Your presence is a necessity in the Earth, someone needs your passion. God is depending on you to be you and no one else can fulfill such a huge order. Never shrink back, just because you may be alone or you don’t like a handful of things about yourself, you never know who you’re inspiring just because people are watching you move with your flaws. You’ve got this….keep moving.


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