The Lazarus Effect pt.2

Jumping right into it!!👇👇 If your just tuning in, I highly suggest going back to the previous post to catch up.

4. Now that Lazarus is alive, he has to get out of these grave clothes, they were constricting to his new state. Back then, they wrapped the dead, so when he came to, it was highly uncomfortable (Not impossible) for him to move. The old things you were wrapped in will never accommodate life outside of it’s purpose. Don’t expect it to. Know this, it’s perfectly natural to abandon things associated with where you were. Don’t hate or mistreat the people, or even the memories, but don’t feel guilty for leaving what feed the thing that killed you to begin with! They can say where you’ve been, but like in verse 44, they have to let you go!

5. Unlike the movie, Lazarus didn’t have to rise with supernatural powers, why? Well, yes, Jesus is THE only one who could and can, but He didn’t need to because he embodied power, the reputation he gained from merely being an example. He became a walking billboard of the testament of Jesus and the friendship between. The power of what happens to him made him a pivotal person in the bible.

6. Right after Lazarus is loosed from his grave clothes, there were people who were plotting to not only kill Jesus for stunting, but to kill Lazarus too! (Verses 45-57) Imagine people wanting to kill you, right after you’ve been resurrected! You’re innocent and just glad to be back! This one is loaded to unpack, but let’s go. Sometimes, hearing someone’s desire to kill you makes the graveyard seem peaceful. To an extent it is, there’s no response for any kind of stimuli there. Don’t allow the clamoring of the living, push you to prefer the environment of the dead. Consequently, submitting to an environment alters you behaviors and you’ll end up back where you were.

The pressure of moving in newness can upset a crowd that can try and shake you to behave as what you once were. Remember, just because you’re among the living doesn’t mean they’re transformed. God created us with life to live, but He CALLS us to be transformed (Rom 12:2) by renewing our mind. Everyone isn’t transformed, so don’t become discouraged by the actual zombies. Those who are alive, but are decaying in the midst of moving. Be encouraged! This thing is a walk and it’s a hard one at that, but it’s possible!


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