self esteem vs. faith

If you guys have read any of my former posts, I usually don’t write like this, but I pray it helps who it reaches! In a previous post: (

I started out explaining the start of my study jumping between Romans chapters 4-10, in where I learned that not believing in myself is basically calling God a liar. If he sees fit for me to live, that means He gave me purpose and to literally sit on it because I don’t believe that I can carry it out is ridiculous. So that was already a slap in the face! I can’t imagine calling God a liar and it showed how little I trust my savior! So, I decided to share more on my study in Romans, in hopes it’d shed more light on your level of total belief in God.

We already know that Jesus is the way, the truth and the light and we must openly confess our belief in His life, death and resurrection that we will be saved. (Rom 10:9). One thing I hadn’t realized that both confession and belief work together. Salvation comes through confession and that believing in your heart causes God to count you as righteous. (Romans 10:10-11) I know, this seems like a lot, but we’re still in the area of not believing God about ourselves, I got you! When we come to Jesus, it’s because we believe something about Him, whether it’s His undeniable love, how He can heal and fix our sore spots and we commit our lives to Him. So, why then do we have such a hard time believing God about ourselves? Where is the faith in God in his creation of us?

Everyone has had at least one moment of hearing a negative comment about themselves, whether its social media, word of mouth or directly. We haven’t even touched abusive childhoods and toxic relationships! The enemy plays on all of this and keeps the replays of abusive words in our heads. Memories of failures and shortcomings flash in your mind when thinking of a second attempt of a passion you had. Our belief in God extends from the larger aspects of Christianity (creation, redemption, etc…) and our self-perception should testify of Christ’s role in our lives. We will never be worthy of God’s love and His benefits; however, He bypasses our unworthiness and loves us anyway. Shouldn’t that be enough validation? Shouldn’t His grace to allow us to live and the provision He gives, be enough?

Yes, it should, so why isn’t it enough?It takes faith to believe. Faith to believe the things about you that you haven’t seen before. To know that you are well equipped with all you need to achieve his will and your goals. Anything outside of what he already gave you, he’ll send to you. We can’t fully have faith in God without believing him about ourselves. You’re amazing, purposed and necessary.


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