30 for 30: 30 Lessons from 30 years

Hey guys! I’m turning 30 on Thursday! In honor of breaking into another decade, I wanted to share the top 30 lessons I’ve learned throughout this journey God so graciously allowed me to experience. Through all these years, I’ve learned so much and I just wanted to share some of those things with you. What on the list do you agree or disagree with? What would be your number 1 lesson? Comment below!

  • God is real, Jesus is real and so is the Holy Ghost.
  • Spend less time worrying about other’s perception of you and confront your own.
  • Be open minded enough to learn, but never be gullible.
  • Be aware. Be aware. Be aware, especially of self.
  • The value of time is more than that of a dollar and learn how to spend both well.
  • Never disqualify yourself
  • Your comfort will kill you, while you welcome it.
  • Never be afraid of being wrong, be afraid of never wanting to know if you are.
  • God is real, Jesus is real and so is the Holy Ghost.
  • Learn from watching, to avoid going through it
  • A wife is a character, not a domestic skill or attitude.
  • Your attitude is your gateway to opportunity. Your character is what will keep you there.
  • Always embrace learning.
  • Every minute of the day is full of choices, your future is in your hands.
  • Never let anyone scare you into using or abandoning your gift, spiritual and natural.
  • There are people who are fearful of you waking up to who you really are…that’s actually true.
  • Learn to value old school methods, they teach you innovation and intuition.
  • There are some battles aren’t worth fighting.
  • Everybody ain’t your friend and everybody isn’t your enemy. (yes…this is on purpose)
  • It’s wise to be stingy with your words.
  • Never be afraid to ask for help.
  • It’s okay to acknowledge your emotions, but work through logic.
  • Confront your issues, therapy is just fine.
  • It’s okay if you don’t fit stereotypical black girl expectations.
  • Never settle, always work for what you want.
  • If it comes easy now, it’ll be difficult to get out of later, be careful.
  • A life without goals, is an aimless life.
  • Sometimes people will attack you simply b/c of what you attract, not b/c they hate you.
  • No one Owes you ANYTHING!
  • Black girl, you are beautiful how God made you!

One thought on “30 for 30: 30 Lessons from 30 years

Add yours

  1. Thank God for each lesson learned that we could share and encouraged others with. And yes, “God is real, Jesus is real, and so is the Holy Ghost.”

    Love it!! Happy early birthday!!



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