Yesterday I made a post that a few people liked, shared and commented their approval on, and, if I say so myself, it does hit you in the chest a little bit. It really got me thinking and as I searched for a topic for today’s post, the post from earlier came to mind.

So, let’s do it!

We hear this word a few times especially in the recent years, being broken. What does that mean concerning our relationship and Christ? When something is broken, as you know, it’s damaged. The thing with damage, is that it hinders total functionality. See where I’m going??

Being broken can be a product of sin. God never intended for us to become broken, but when sin entered the world, humanity chased the thought of self-indulgence, vanity and immediate gratification and God is not having ANY of it! So, naturally, once we feel the cut of playing with shards of glass that we’ve confused for glitter, we run to him to be healed, saved, and made whole. We go about life, wanting to do things our way and I get it! While God is loving, He is, expects and teaches upstanding character & endurance (plus so much more!) and those two include discipline and no, it’s not fun, but it brings wholeness.

Here’s an example, Psalm 51:17. Here, David is praying and repenting for sleeping with Bathsheba and the chaos behind that. (The story is in 2 Sam. 11) Just like the rest of us, after fulfilling our cravings, we sober up and feel horrible! We feel the sum of our actions and hurry to God to clean ourselves up and ask for forgiveness.

Being broken can happen as a result of giving up hope, usually due to comparison or having to wait out our timeline for God’s while expecting an answer to our prayers. For example, Hannah, wanted to have a child more than anything. Imagine having to go without the only thing you desperately want, while you’re being bullied about it and the bully has plenty of it! Everyday you’re comparing yourself to the next, while watching them enjoy the only thing you don’t have. (go check out 1 Samuel 1, its’ a good read.)

After waiting months, even years like Hannah, our faith becomes depleted and when you hit rock bottom, you’re more inclined to seek God. We become hungry not for the thing we want, but for the God who can give it. We can now acknowledge the need for our desire to have the capability to be used by God. Hannah prayed a prayer she hadn’t prayed before, because her hope had gone. With her hope out of the way, there was now room for God’s purpose to grow in her desire. At that point, her prayers were answered.

Being broken opens the door to breakthroughs, simply because we come to accept that our method isn’t as effective as God’s. We don’t know more than Him and we can’t live our lives better than He can orchestrate it. It’s a long way to eventually learn, you need Him and that’s the only time, most of us are willing to hear and follow. Don’t fear being broken, fear being unbreakable to God. As always be Blessed.


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