See what I did with the title there…” Trust in God, Trusting God” yeah, I liked it too! Thanksgiving is practically here! So, before we loose our minds over who messed up the mac & cheese and black Friday deals, I got to thinking about where does my “thank you” come from. There’s the unexpected gift or gesture that demonstrates one’s consideration for you. From opening a door for a stranger to the more extravagant demonstrations. Sometimes, my “thank you” is rooted from a relief. Someone being able to fix something I couldn’t, taking the stress off of my shoulders successfully that’ where I’m not because I’m carrying too much.

I’ve been going through! Like others out here, I’ve been maneuvering through several, unpleasant surprises, bad news and dealing with mishandlings. So yeah, I’m over it to say the least. Yet, one thing that seems to be a consistent theme through my trials and tribulations: I don’t trust God. As sad as that is to admit, especially as someone who has seen God do the miraculous and the incredible, the fact is, I trust chairs and buildings more than My own savior.

While navigating through the foolery life has thrown my way and some I’ve created, I seem to pray the same prayer of relief 3 times per issue. (huge indication of lack of trust) God heard me the first time, but in the midst of my anxiety, I had to realize that my worry doesn’t hurry His work. I can express my feelings in talking to him but expecting him to move off of my emotions while ignoring his timing is manipulation and therefore, witchcraft. Which, I’ve realized is a default setting of mine.

I felt as if I was swimming! Bad news, coming left and right. As I sat down to unravel all of the foolery, I noticed that my faith in the chair was more than I had in God. I didn’t doubt this chair could hold my weight, no matter how much I shifted or what position I choose. I didn’t double take while sitting down to verify it’s stability. Trusting a chair more than my God is a sobering and scary thought. This was concerning to me! Not because I don’t believe God can, it’s in figuring out if He will, because maybe, He wants me to learn from a different angle, like Job. Or better yet, he won’t do it for me. Not because He dislikes me or wants to punish me. Maybe He doesn’t want (insert great things here) for me, at least not right now.

My lack of trust in God is rooted in hedonism. I don’t want to experience being uncomfortable, deficient or vulnerable. The essence of trusting God is having the willingness to follow him wherever, however (usually through something uncomfortable) and still expecting the benefit of the stress. Also, being grateful you survived it.

No, while this isn’t the typical thanksgiving post, it does provoke us to reevaluate how we see God and ourselves. Where is your trust in God and what level is it currently? What/who do you trust more than God? What can you do to boost it? What does trusting God look like to you? Feel free to comment below and help others who’re struggling in this area.


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