Pushing for Progress: Self-eval.

Hi again! It has been an interesting and stressful final stretch of the year. Maneuvering through family, career, finances, personal endeavors and dealing with the world 2020 has created has left me grasping for moments of peace and quiet. The reality of worrying while trying to live unbothered has caused my days and weeks to fly by. Every day goes faster than the day before, carrying with it all of my plans. Being concerned about everything at one time can help you waste it…time, I mean. We all have goals, but the death of our progress dies when we fail to respect time, first and foremost. So, I prayed about how to make the best of my time, energy and efforts and here’s a few things God has shared with me and I felt it could help you too. Let’s do it!

Self-evaluate for an advantage against yourself!

Whenever I set out on my quest to become more productive, I have to go find (*insert item here*) and apply it to my life… or just bring it to my home. *wink* I’ll go to Target and buy the cutest planners, pens, makers and the entire stationary aisle, thinking: “after I set all of this up, I’ll become organized therefore I’ll be efficient.” While stationary excites many of us, simply having it doesn’t mean anything without our effort to work it.

The belief that we have to go outside of ourselves to have what we need is false, unless we’re going to God. The end and the start of every year, stationary sales skyrocket as customers follow the lead of the season, indicating that change is coming aka the new year. We are creatures of habit more so than creatures of results. (although it should be reversed) So, when we fail to fulfill our new year resolutions and commitments, that doesn’t stop us from feeling the need to create the commitment without confronting our lack of discipline.

That’s what we need to explore. Use the plethora of sticky notes to call yourself out. Be truthful with yourself. If we’re not forthcoming about ourselves, good and bad, then we lead ourselves into delusion and we resist necessary change. So, here’s one assignment, make sure you have some uninterrupted time: make a list of your goals. Make a smaller list of about 2 or 3 of those goals, then make another list of habits or characteristics that distract you from completing these goals in the time frame you’ve allotted. Then create a game plan to attack each goal individually, made up of smaller goals. Yes, there’s a lot of writing, so take it one step at a time, one goal at a time. Hopefully, you’ll start to see a pattern.

For example, whenever I want to start healthy, I’ll buy what I need, but I feel as I can’t waste the junk food I’ve already bought, So I’ll make a goal to eat all the junk in the next few days, meanwhile, my fresh produce is going bad because now, I’ve become content all over again. At least, until I see my stomach stuffed in a skirt, and then, I’m motivated all over again to eat right. LOL! Once you see your pattern, now you have information you can use to defend yourself against you! No worries, you’ve got this! And I’ll see you over in the next entry, happy self-evaluating!


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