Pushing for progress: Self-eval. pt.2

The work of self-evaluation is a tough but necessary one. Truth hurts, but if you’re not truthful with yourself, be prepared for God to send someone to give it to you and that can feel even more painful so it’s best we confront it now. When God answered my prayer by exposing me to me, I couldn’t help but agree that I’ve helped to waste my time, in addition to helping others to waste my time.

In my own example of what he shared with me is knowing my pattern with my diet. I don’t eat much in a day, about 2 -3 meals, very few snacks and the food I eat isn’t healthy. After eating, my body uses a lot of my energy just to breakdown the already horrible, food and I’m left feeling lethargic. Naturally, I go to sleep, wasting parts of my day, where I’ve could’ve gotten something done.

Taking the time to learn ourselves help us to tackle our weakness.

How can I use this information to my advantage considering my time? Simply, changing my diet and commit to it for a lifestyle change so that my body will have more energy and I can get more things done. That’s great and all, but that doesn’t guarantee that I’ll be productive.

 So, what’s next? Repeat the same thing!

Use what you know about yourself to gain traction. Know your triggers! What or who distracts you? Around what time of the day do you start to crash? What frustrates you? How do you learn? Knowing the answer to these questions and more, will give us the keys to becoming more productive.

The key to productivity and efficiency isn’t in anything we can buy, but it’s in our decisions regarding discipline. Making the choice to remain discipline when your passion has burned out. So, before the new year comes and we begin to make resolutions and prepare to make changes for the better, let’s take December to truly reflect and learn ourselves. Remember, your new year can start today! Take advantage of your time. Be blessed, move in grace and tackle the world!


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