Betting for better

Happy New year! It’s 2021 and things won’t be any different unless we’re different. I know… not the typical post intro, full of one-dimensioned optimism. Nope! We’re getting it straight, raw and real from the jump. The newness of the year can be inspiring. The symbolism of starting over and second chances to redeem the time wasted from the previous year, ring loud enough to drown out the sound of damaging habits.

Ya’ll, the year, your time, your life is genuinely what you make it! Dig down into the parts of you, that are frustrating to address. The bad credit, evidence of bad financial decisions or hardships. Failing to complete your Daniel fast or bible reading plan for the beginning of the year is all due to making wrong decisions. We decide to be ill-prepared, to fall to pressure of immediate gratification and to avoid discipline. All this does is leads us to the exact same place next year, saying the exact same thing: “New year, new me!”, “I’m doing (enter here) next year!” “I’m applying pressure all 2022!”

Yes, it’s hard!

To make use of the year, time and our money, we must embrace the emotional hardship that comes with better. It’s literally a sacrifice., giving up something we want to do and have is sacrificial but the reward is so much better than the satisfaction of the moment. Here’s a few things to remember as you goal chase this year:

  1. Keep your why at the forefront of this year, in everything you go after!
  2. Be willing to get uncomfortable for your goals and before you know it, you’ll become an expert in understanding that the sacrifice is apart of a successful process.
  3. Be open to change without disrupting the core of your authenticity. Keep your integrity.
  4. Don’t be afraid of the unknown, you were meant to create it!

You can do this! Start strong, finish strong! Happy new year and happy goal chasing!


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