I Witnessed the work

“The greatest among you shall be your servant.”

Matthew 23:11 ESV

My loves! it’s been a while but I’m back! I’ve recently started grad school and wanted time to focus and get used to a new schedule, atmosphere and people. As I’m maneuvering new ventures, relationships and understandings of what’s around me, I’ve become more reflective than I was before. Carefully taking into consideration the value of people, their worldveiw and gifts. I didn’t think I’d become the subject of my own focus in this way, until the passing of someone connected to my church. I know that death is a part of life but the passing of this gentleman really struck me in a way no other has, not even my dad.

The amazing part was that I wasn’t close to the man who passed. I’ve seen him in church a hundred times and on Facebook just as much. He was vibrant, lively, busy, full of life and humor. I could tell from the short interactions I had with him, but even more so by witnessing the smiles he shared with his friends after church. He was a man of a thousand talents, mainly music and to see what he could do with the choir was a luxury I’d gotten accustomed to. A central force in so many parts of not only church and worship arts, but he had a hand in almost every event that was had, he was the structure behind the scenes . Needless to say when I heard of his passing it was like I got hit in the belly with a force only a bowling ball could bring. Heavy and overwhelming. Fear washed over me and it was due, in part, to the sobriety mortality brings but more importantly It was the lack of proper use of my time that shook me awake.

How could the absence of someone I wasn’t even close to affect my mind like this? Reflecting on the impact he made, only came to mind when it wouldn’t be easily accessed now, outside of videos and memories. How impactful can one man be to affect people he had minimum interaction with? After days, even now about 2 weeks of just reflecting on his memory and work ethic I can’t help but ask myself, “What else can you do?” “Have you done enough?” on one end it’s a nagging thought and on the other it’s an call for greater. To give more, love more, serve more and grow more. I have to admit, I’ve gotten comfortable in more ways than one. I can say that I’m motivated more than ever to live a more fulfilling life, take risks, being willing to put myself out there to serve, unselfishly and if anything this man was a blueprint. Not to do what he did, since that’s not my area per se, but to serve relentlessly like he did.

You may not need someone to pass to push you to do more and I hope you never will. Sometimes the absence of a person will show you their value and I challenge you to never let that be the case. So, in honor of a great servant like Lamont Harmon, I want to thank God for his life, his gifts, work ethic and being a great example for those around him including me who’ve witnessed the work. I thank God for the impact his passing, but more so, for the impact his life has had on me and I pray this feeling never lifts from me. Ya’ll let’s get out here and work. There’s people attached to our purpose that need us, even if not to be a friend or acquaintance but to be an example, to allow them to witness our work. This thing is meant to have a ripple effect, so just imagine if we all went to work for the kingdom like Lamont did.. It’d be spectacular. You don’t have to know someone to understand their effect. I pray this finds you in time and on time to give a little push to your purpose. #ServelikeLamont #LoyalLikeLamont

Father, I thank you for my life and my purpose. God, I pray that you’d make me sensitive to my purpose and that I’d come to know it and latch on to your plan for me. Lord, I don’t want to live my life without doing your will. Walk with me and direct my steps to align with you. I know you’ll complete this good work you’ve started in me according to Philippians 1:6. I thank you for it now and I count it done. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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