Saved & Tired

“I can do ALL thing through Christ who strengthens me.”- Philippians 4:13

“I’m tired.” I either hear this all the time or I say it all the time. Why are we so tired? what’s draining us to the point of almost snapping? We all have our own reasons. Mainly survival for most of us; ensuring we have enough to pay our bills, feed our families. Being aware of our poor decisions while changing habits to obtain and grow in our health, wealth and influence can take all of our focus beyond the present moment. Projects and hobbies to have additional streams of income, waiting for off days to enjoy life, and binging social media to waste time we’ll never get back are all draining. What do Christians do when we are drained? We don’t refuel like the world. While a trip with 8 other well-dressed people we barely know, provides great Instagram pictures of twerking positions and low hanging tongues may sound fun, it’s not refreshing to our spirit. while likes and shares confirm our content is being consumed, it doesn’t provide us strength so what does?


Yes! This is correct, but while it is correct, it doesn’t mean we know how it works exactly or that we appreciate it until we’re close to “E”.

First, we need to find out what’s draining us. Take note, become observant about yourself. How do you feel at a certain time of the day? What do you grab when you need a boost? What kind of food are you eating and how do you feel afterward? What are you listening to? There are plenty of things that can pull from you. Here are a few more examples of things that can drain you mentally, physically, and spiritually: social media, binge-watching shows, listening to or watching content that promotes drama, chaos, confusion, or anxiety-driven situations, ignoring emotional baggage, ignoring priorities, the list goes for miles. What I want to drive home here is, that when we begin to feel exhaustion we naturally tend to find refuge in things we believe will revive or relieve us from it, but the very things we call solutions could contribute to the problem.

If you’re feeling tired, the last thing you need is to binge reality TV. We need to open our options to things that actually help and no, they aren’t trendy or popular options. You may not get over 1000 likes on pictures of yourself taking a walk, but that’s not what you or any of us need right now.

Is it exhaustion? Or boredom? Or depression?

Have you ever heard of the child that was misdiagnosed with ADHD when they were simply unengaged because their intelligence was mislabeled as an inability to focus because of their boredom? The same can apply here. Are you really tired or are you feeling the symptom of something deeper? Being honest with yourself with how you’re feeling can unlock accurate ways of resolution. We tend to lie to ourselves about the truth of what’s wrong, because we can’t afford to deal with X, Y, and Z. All the while exacerbating what’s really aching us. Be encouraged to take courage and be honest about what’s wrong. If you have no idea what’s wrong, pray and seek therapy. (I’m a huge advocate for it!) Take steps in the direction necessary to bring mental and physical health to the forefront.

On the physical side, go for a walk, run or do a 30 min workout at home. Exercise increases endorphins, leaving us feeling energized and refreshed; plus, the satisfaction of completing a workout is a mood booster alone! Take moments to breathe. As simple of an act, it is, it is truly a game-changer. Creating and protecting your space to breathe and catch your breath is necessary so whether you’re in your car, cubicle, home, shower, bed, or right before a meeting, take a breath and push it out slowly. After which, you keep it moving. You don’t have to move in intense emotions in order to feel productive and effective. You can approach things slower than the urgency or panic allows. Remember, you got this!


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