The gift of Generations!

Happy new year! Another year, another set of goals to crush in the ever growing mission to grow and better oursevles. Well, may I suggest another bulletpoint to add to your list for the year: Sharing you faith with your children. Sometimes it can be easy to take a passive role in instilling our beliefs in our children, you and I both know attending church is only one piece of the puzzle. When parents take the time to share no only their faith, but their experiences with thier children, it strenghtens the bond between you and provides a greater since of relatablity between the generations. If you’re just starting out, haven’t thought about it until now or you’re a veteran in this area, I’d suggest you have a look at the tool I have for you.

What is it?

The Generation to Generation kit

A bridge for understanding, a tool for sharing our faith. In “Generation to Generation”, Yael Eckstein shares the essence of Jewish culture and
connects them to Christianity in the most effectual way. The beauty of The Jewish heritage is carefully illustrated in sharing how Eckstein imparts her faith within her family while sharing her own childhood memories. It’s a warm and inviting read, that centers around faith and family. We’re guided through the meaning of Jewish principles and practices, highlighting the importance of passing our faith to the next generation. The workbook provides the practical portion of learning how to engage our children to deepen their roots as they grow within their faith. The coloring book adds a unique experience and reflection, combining creative expression and the Holy Land.

My Honest Take

When I heard about this book, I was excited to get my hands on it because it’s what I’m passionate about, finding ways to pass my faith along to the next generation. I can honestly say that this book exceeded my expectations.   While it teaches Jewish observances and values, it connects each one to their place in the New Testament of the Christian Bible along with discussion points for your family and Bible verses to memorize applicable to the subject. (Which is my favorite part!)

The kit offers more than the bigger picture of solid content to share with our children, but I learned a substantial amount of information about the Jewish culture. Quite frankly, as a Black girl from rural North Carolina, my knowledge of Jewish culture is little to none and is in reference to understanding what I’ve read in the Bible. Reading about Eckstein’s experience along with the information and history she provides has been enlightening; not only in reference to understanding the content itself but in understanding details that strengthens my own faith.

Last but certainly not least…

I love this kit! I’ve had it only for a few weeks, and I’ve learned so much! Now, while I point out that I don’t have any kids of my own, I do have a niece, nephews, God children and I work with a few kids from my church and community, the information from this kit has deepened my own understanding which I can pour in to them. The Generation-to-Generation kit is simply a must have for your family. This kit speaks to parents, guardians, extended family, youth ministry workers and anyone who wants a deeper understanding of Judaism and Christianity or those who desire to know what to share and how to share their faith, Jews and Christians alike. Eckstein walks us through her childhood memories and teaches us what she learned, teaching us about Jewish customs and heritage and a little Hebrew along the way.

With everything going on in the world today, it’s easy to focus on discussing other important conversations that contribute to the welfare of our families, include the topic of faith and this kit will help with just that. Spend time with your children and those around you teaching them the doctrine of your faith, it’s one of the best things they can have and it’ll benefit them for the rest of their lives. Besides, you said you wanted to get closer to God this year, why not bring your family with you? (BTW, I’m not recieving a comission for this review, I simply love the message!) Happy reading and If you bought the kit or the book, I’d love to know what you thought about it, comment below!

Where can I purchase it?

To purchase this kit and to find more information about the author and the book itself visit any of these links:


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