Let it go

Do not come any closer,” the Lord warned. “Take off your sandals, for you are standing on holy ground.

Exodus 3:5 NLT

Hey friend! I hope you’ve been well; I know long time, no see. I apologize for my inconsistent presence, I’ve been managing homework, papers, finals, dance practices, and moments of rest, both physically and spiritually. I’m here with a quick word for you as we come to the end of 2022 and approach the new start of a new year. Last week, as I was going through my schedule, the Lord challenged me to take a new stance on old habits.

Before you label this as a mother, “nEW yeAr, NeW Meh” post, give me the benefit of a fresh perspective. It may bless you. As I was spending time relaxing in my bed last week, I noticed that my door was ajar, there was the slightest space between open and closed. Naturally, for me anyway, I got up to close and lock my bedroom door. Why is this the leading thought in an entire post? I’m glad you’ve asked. Due to my history of childhood sexual assault and the nature under which it happened, I hate leaving doors ajar or sleeping in open spaces, such as living rooms, especially unfamiliar spaces such as a hotel. This is the same for cabinets as well. I also keep any door. I’m behind locked, although I’ve lived alone.

During my quiet time with God, He spoke to me and directed me to the scripture above. After reading the scriptures surrounding that verse, it was obvious to me that God was speaking to my heart to let go of things that I invented to foster what He guarantees as my Savior, Father, Protector, and Provider. As Christians, humans first, it’s easy to supplement what we need/want from the tangible or the convenient rather than depend on God for it. Why? All because God isn’t moved by our emotions to fulfill our preferences.

In Exodus 3:5, Moses discovers the burning bush and decides to investigate this wonder. God begins to speak from the bush and instructs Moses to remove his shoes because he was now on Holy ground. The thing about being on Holy ground is this:

  1. It signifies you’ve made it to a place in and with God that He can communicate with you differently than before, proving your growth.
  2. Shoes were invented to protect our feet from the conditions of our environment. They are protection against the threat of injury and on Holy ground, there is no threat. This is a place where safety is prominent although it looks like any other terrain to anyone else.
  3. It’s about vulnerability. You’ve grown in God, you’re invited into a communal space in Christ, and now you must detach from your escape routes and defense mechanisms in order to grow beyond this point.

It’s a scary thing to divorce the very thing or habit that has kept you safe or has given you the illusion of safety after all these years. but it doesn’t give God the space to move in our lives the way we pray for Him to do so. Life revolves around attaching to and detaching from things that serve us in the space we’re present in. For your New Year’s resolution, reset, refresh or whatever you’re doing for a new start, check out what you need to leave behind TODAY because if it’s not an issue great enough to abandon now, it won’t be an issue next year until you lack the results you want. Don’t add a new thing without dropping something that holds you back. Happy Holidays, and have a happy, great, successful, free, and Holy New Year! See you in 2023!

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