A Prayer for when you’re not feeling up it

We all have time when we don’t want to deal with the day, the person, the job, the homework, or whatever it is. In every responsibility, there can be a burden attached to what we have to get done. This prayer is for those times you need an extra boost to get through the moment or the day.


I thank you for life, ability, and the freedom of choice. Thank you for everything you’ve done and everything you’re doing that I may not notice on a consistent basis. Lord, I need your help to get things done today; I’m not looking forward to dealing with what I have to accomplish today, weighing on me emotionally and spiritually. I’m looking to you as the source of my strength to focus my mind on you and how I can honor you by honoring my responsibilities. As I move throughout each task, meeting and errand I ask that you go before me. Place your hand in everything I’m involved in. Send your Holy Spirit to correct my attitude when approaching something I don’t want to do. I thank you for it in advance and I anticipate seeing evidence of your work, your peace and grace throughout my day and remind me to offer those same things to the people I’ll encounter. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.


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