Why I never wanted to preach

Hey guys! It's been a while, I'm going through a a season of new, if you will. So new job, new site design, new content, new projects etc. Please be patient with me as I update my website. Anyway, I wanted to speak on this subject for months now and with my 6 year anniversary... Continue Reading →

Top 2 pause-worthy moments in ministering to teens

throughout my time engaging the youth in ministry whether through dance practices, chaperoning activities or actively teaching a lesson, there's always something that'll surprise me. Seemingly random questions and the resulting chaos from their wide-eyed, jaw-dropped peers take up more time than required. So, in honor of those moments, here's a quick rundown of the... Continue Reading →

Identifying Idols

What exactly is an idol? (My own definition) It's simply something that people worship. I've had this conversation with a handful of people and the mere thought of them worshiping anything other than what they claim seems barbaric, but it's so easy to fall into, most of us don't realize we're doing it. It's all... Continue Reading →

Why I gave my Sex life over to God

Lemme start first by saying, I misused it. I used it for distraction, "stress relief" and entertainment. There! The mystery is gone. Beyond the misuse of it, I damaged myself for the sake of exploration and the delusion of deserving to do what I want as a"grow" woman. Yep, and that landed me in Salt... Continue Reading →

Ministering with low self-esteem

It’s not often spoken, but it’s a reality for more than most of us know. Hidden behind the bass of a triumphant sermonic voice and the genuine excitement of God’s revelation to his people, many church leaders, clergy, musicians and worship leaders may be battling with low self-esteem and distorted self-worth. The irony of it... Continue Reading →

Betting for better

Happy New year! It's 2021 and things won't be any different unless we're different. I know... not the typical post intro, full of one-dimensioned optimism. Nope! We're getting it straight, raw and real from the jump. The newness of the year can be inspiring. The symbolism of starting over and second chances to redeem the... Continue Reading →

Gifted with goals

You know those small moments in your day where God will use the most inconspicuous thing to illustrate a point? You may have experienced this a hundred times over, so this isn’t new to you. In this week’s “random moments God speaks to me”, he used a game I was playing on my phone to... Continue Reading →

Pushing for Progress: Self-eval.

Hi again! It has been an interesting and stressful final stretch of the year. Maneuvering through family, career, finances, personal endeavors and dealing with the world 2020 has created has left me grasping for moments of peace and quiet. The reality of worrying while trying to live unbothered has caused my days and weeks to... Continue Reading →

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